Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lisa Levine

There’s no higher endorsement of one’s work than that of a fellow colleague who inserts your designs into their personal wardrobe rotation, wearing the piece again, and again, and again. And truth be known that Lisa Levine is one those rare talents whose jewelry is consistently worn by New York’s fashion populi.

Her signature pieces are typically ethereal, with mixed metal draped arrangements, but her latest collection serves up bold color, holding fast onto the beat of summer. Vintage brass and copper chains in slinky, chunky widths are adorned with a mixture of beads and stones, some along one side, others broken into color-blocked segments.

To browse styles and purchase visit Creatures of Comfort.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Rising Trend: Seed Bead Jewelry

Weaving small beads into intricate patterns has been around for ages, literally, harking back to ancient Egypt, eighth century Japan, and ninth century India. Of course, we still see glass seed beads adorned on dresses, sweaters and other elegant apparel, and now they are making a comeback in jewelry as well.

Fallon’s fringe necklaces were the first to make a splash, and now you can find beaded collar creations at stores like Urban Outfitters. But we love the inspired pieces lovingly produced by artisans such as Patrizia Tager (necklace above) and Carol Deane Sharpe…elaborate and interesting, these jewelry selections are the real deal.

To browse styles and purchase visit:

Triz Designs - Beadwork by Patrizia Tager
Beaded and Fiber Gifts by Carol Dean Sharpe

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finch Metal

Oh, to be a kid again…whipping paper airplanes into shape, exploring the wind with a flying kite, getting colored chalk under your fingernails as you draw hopscotch patterns on the sidewalk.

Metalsmith Jill Antonishak’s designs are sweet emblems of treasured playthings, from tire swings to the helix-shaped slinky. Necklace pendants take form as three-dimensional pinwheels, flat paper dolls, dainty toy boats and intricate ferris wheels. Perfect, perfect little reminders that childhood pleasures need not reside in the past as a closed chapter. Rejoice, wear rompers, live like a kid again, and make sure to get your feet dirty.

To view styles and shop, visit the designer’s Web site.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Concrete Fruit Jewelry

Fruit and concrete probably sit at opposite ends of the contextual spectrum, which is why pairing them together makes so much sense. Take the sweet, soft and colorful and marry it with something durable, creating a vibrant new form filled with depth and longevity, rather than spoiling under the weight of time. If only all perishable goods could be rid of their pesky expiration dates, staying fresh and tasty forever and ever.

Designer Sue Urquhart’s fruit collection flaunts brushed silver pendants inlaid with tinted concrete, and dangled from 16” inch sterling drawn chains. Red strawberries, green pears, orange slices, lemon wedges, a pair of dangling cherries…no matter what your taste buds crave, each selection is juicy good and perfect for summer picnic days.

Visit the designer’s blog for recent work and purchasing information.