Sunday, March 13, 2011

Emily Rothschild

Concealment clothing, long-favored by expert travelers, has more recently been adopted over the years by practical technophiles. Dedicated cell phone pockets have given birth to dresses with iPad compartments, jackets with built-in computer sleeves, and slap bracelets for iPods that mirror watchbands.

Along this trend, comes Emily Rothschild who understands that design solutions can be visually beautiful while still sufficiently serving the intended purpose. Medical IDs are transformed from dog tags into modernist nameplate jewelry, while pills leave their pharmacy plastic bottles to live within visible bubbles at the bottom of drinking glasses.

Our favorite is the USB drive necklace which houses a flash drive within a replica of a turn-of-a-century mourning locket. Lovely, functional and smart, it blends the best of yesterday and today.

Visit Emily Rothschild’s Web site to view pieces and browse a store list.