Monday, April 20, 2009

Turn Me on Design (TMOD)

Sometimes communication needs to be taken to a different level, somewhere deeper and internal, where it can resonate and bypass the typical “in one ear and out the other” method.

Sydney-based designers Georgie Swift and Milenka Osen of Turn Me on Design (TMOD), whose previous Smoke & Mirrors collection featured puzzle-solving jewelry, such as three-dimensional maze cubes and interlocking keys, recently collaborated with artist Andy Uprock for a new interactive series entitled /\poetry in braille/\.

Uprock, known for large floating cup street installations, imparts his Cuprocking vision to this range of sterling silver pieces, with TMOD evolving them into smaller, dearer, more intimate elements. Necklaces and rings flaunting cascading miniature cups and industrial cones are textured with Braille phrases serenely promoting community and integration. Tiered signpost pendants twist to reveal thoughts in English and Braille, melding the two languages into one. And Pagoda-shaped rings, dangled upside-down on chains, conceal poetic streams along the interior.

To view styles and browse purchase links, visit the TMOD Web site.