Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hot Pick: SURevolution Studded Bangle

Too often bracelets are relegated to second-tier status, almost as if they are the bastard children of the jewelry world. Lately necklaces have taken front-and-center position, and statement earrings will soon be at the head-of-the-pack. And rings, well they have had their resurgence and them some. Yet, the cuff, the bangle, and other bracelet styles always seem to be the additional adornment, never the main event. It’s certainly not for a lack of options, that’s for sure.

We’re big fans of SURevolution, who bring you hand-crafted goodies from around the world, and they always have an amazing array of bracelets in their collections, from woven metal bangles to mosaic coral cuffs. Our current fave is a dark wood bangle embellished with rows of copper-hued brass studs.

Available at Vivre.

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