Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rediscovering the Chain Store

Just like the local pharmacy, which has become the bargain hunter’s destination for make-up essentials, the chain store is well positioned to become a well for jewelry box refreshment, if for no other reason than the affordable price points.

But some chains have interesting offerings, including Urban Outfitters which recently launched a collection in collaboration with Bing Bang’s Anna Sheffield. The line, called Bee 23, flaunts the designer’s signature style, including this sweetheart necklace (above), but are easy on the wallet. Old Navy is currently selling cozy sweater bangles reminiscent of Elizabeth Yarborough’s hot creations from last year, but for less than ten bucks. And Forever 21 is always a treasure trove for up-to-the-minute looks for less, including a vast selection of cocktail rings that hover around five dollars.

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