Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Father's Day Gift Guide

Much like any stereotypical holiday, one would believe that on Father's Day, men actually are interested in receiving goof-ball gifts, such as crazy golf gear, silly coffee cups, and BBQ aprons. But the truth is, that most guys, like most women, just want to feel special, and are confident enough to adore jewelry and wear it convincingly. Of course, nothing remotely girly will do...

Concrete Rings from Tam Aura
Sleek and cool, these rings are lightweight in form, but carry a heavy attitude. Available at Tam Aura Design.

Shark Jaw Necklace from Rogue's Gallery
A more menacing alternative to the shark's tooth necklace, this piece flaunts a ball chain necklace dangling a silver open-mouth shark's jaw pendant. Available at Rogues Gallery.

Deucalion Pendants
Deucalion is the men's jewelry line from Canadian designer Pyrrha, and is filled with their signature pendant necklaces hand crafted from vintage wax seals. The pendants have an antique appearance and are hung on heavyweight chains, some oxidized. Available at Pyrrha.

Hannah Clark's Patron Saint Necklaces
These hand engraved 1" pendants flaunt portraits of icons Grandmaster Flash, Miles Davis, Woody Guthrie, Jack Kerouac, Sartre, and Trotsky. Pithy quotes from each "saint" are engraved on the back. Available at Auto.

Me & Ro's Fearlessness Bracelet
If your main man is on the earthy crunchy side, than he is an ideal fit for Me & Ro's jewelry. The Fearlessness bracelet, crafted from natural cotton cord features a sterling silver bead engraved with the Sanskrit symbol for fearlessness. Available at Me & Ro.

Periodic Rings from ITSNONAME
For the Dad who subscribes to Scientific American magazine, the periodic rings from ITSNONAME will be a treasured recognition of his brainy nature. Available at ITSNONAME (ring sizes 7,8,9 only).

Miki Tanaka Insect Pins
Yes, there are men who are fashionably adventurous, and would delightfully decorate their jacket lapel with a Miki Tanaka oxidized silver insect pin. Is your man one of them? Choose from a rhinoceros beetle, stag beetle, or cicada.
Available at Creatures of Comfort.

Wear your Music Guitar String Bracelets
If Dad is a daily Pitchfork visitor, than he is a worthy candidate for a guitar string bracelet from the Wear Your Music Charity Project. Musicians such as Les Claypool and Jack Johnson, and members of Death Cab for Cutie, Wolfmother and Weezer, donate their strings (proceeds go to the musician’s charity of choice), along with hundreds of other artists. The strings are gathered with a silver seal that bands them together. Available at Wear Your Music.

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