Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Pick: Cristalette Thunderbird Earrings

Some jewelry designers tend to craft their wares in a bit of a vacuum, imagining the woman that buys their pieces, but never really knowing for sure if their inspiration is in fact their true customer. Designer Cristina Armijo smartly does not play this game, opting instead to fully immerse herself within the Bay area scene that she not only designs for but helps to create. More than a handful of prominent area bands don her playful clothing designs for gigs (Armijo herself is also a musician), but it’s her signature Thunderbird earrings that are all the rage with the locals. The fringe earrings are heavily beaded, and dangle 4” in length.

Available at Bona Drag in sky blue, black and red. You can also visit the designer's Etsy shop.

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