Friday, June 27, 2008

Hot Pick: Tomoko Igarashi

There’s such an abundance of jewelry on the market with assorted spikes and handcuffs and other overused punk rock/biker chick iconography, that one could easily be forgiven for losing interest altogether. Another skull necklace? Really? But yes, somehow Tomoko Igarashi reinvigorates the skull by placing it in a grown-up composition that reaffirms our faith that a thoughtful designer can always do something fresh and interesting.

Available at Min-K. Visit the designer’s Web site for more information.


  1. Hi I really like this blog. Our showroom actually represents Tomoko Igarashi's jewelry. We also represent Draugsvold Jewelry which is sold at Catbird and Eliza Page. Check out our blog,! Take care!

  2. Hi there!

    Excellent blog! I can see that you like Tomoko Igarashi, So do we!=) Check out our latest interview with the designer and see some pics from the last collection! Have a great day!